a custom piece of artwork

personal commissions 

While I am always creating works inspired by the world around me, nothing is more personal than a commissioned piece designed hand in hand with my clients. Whether it’s a family member’s home or a landscape of a special vacation spot, commissioned pieces help capture a snapshot of your life that holds tremendous meaning to you and your family for generations. 

Businesses play an integral role in our communities. Custom artwork brings a human element to a business, for people who have yet to walk through your doors and meet your staff in person. In this modern age, advertising tends to be approached with a cold and cookie-cutter style. In contrast, commissioned imagery provides a first impression as warm and local as if a client had strolled into your establishment right off Main Street. Not to mention, you’ll have a beautiful and sentimental portrait of your business to last forever. 

commercial commissions 


Village Cheese Shop  |  Love Lane, Mattituck

Lucheritos  |  Greenport

Photo above by Shannon O'Shea

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