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Kelly Franké (born & raised in Babylon, NY) is a Long Island based fine artist, known for her signature charcoal drawings on birch wood. Kelly's love for drawing stems from early childhood - she would camp out under her father's drafting table, popping out occasionally to watch him draw. Her father Phil Franké, a prolific commercial illustrator, coached Kelly throughout the years. Always "the class artist", it was only natural that she would go on to get her BFA at Alfred University, and MFA at Indiana University. Kelly next went on to teach at Caldwell University in NJ, but after a couple of years she felt compelled to commit herself to studio. Kelly left NYC and moved to Greenport, where she was inspired by her surroundings.


One windy afternoon, Kelly was drawing outside when the wind kept getting under her paper, which was loosely clamped to a wooden drawing board. Frustrated, she crumpled up the paper and started sketching directly onto the wood. Surprised by the result, she decided to pursue wood as a canvas, curious to see how far she could take the integration of natural grains and drawn lines. With each piece, Kelly carefully selects a grain that will best complement her subject matter. Kelly curates an ongoing collection of wood in her studio, ultimately matching each piece with its destined imagery. 


Today, Kelly works in her home studio full-time. She balances her fine art practice with illustrating monthly for Northforker Magazine, and accepting both business & personal commissions.


Drawing is a process of building and searching. I’ve always been attracted to landscapes that are architecturally intricate. The harder it is to draw, the greater my need is to conquer it on paper. However, my interest is not in photo realism. My focus is primarily on linear elements, and how I can achieve explicit detail with minimal, elegant lines. I strive to map out structural proportions perfectly. In attempt to balance accuracy with play, I allow certain moments to remain unfinished, as if faded away. Upon closer inspection, scribbling. Exposed construction lines echo traditional blueprints. Essentially my drawings are constructions – some literal, others more allusive. 

When drawing on wood, the first thing I do is study its grain. Each piece tells a story - defines a mood. Directional grains speak to sky and water. Listening, I allow my drawn lines to merge with the wood’s grain. The goal is to balance structure and the organic, giving each piece of wood a new life so unique, that I could never recreate it. 






2009 - 2012                                      Master of Fine Art  |  Drawing & Printmaking  |  Magna Cum Laude 

                                                             Indiana University  |  Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Art  |  Bloomington, IN

                                                             View my MFA Thesis Exhibition here 

2004 - 2008                                      Bachelor of Fine Art  |  Drawing, Painting & Printmaking  |  Art Education Minor  |  Cum Laude

                                                             Alfred University  |  School of Art & Design  |  Alfred, NY



Current + Upcoming

May 2025                                          SOLO Show  |  The Christensen Gallery  |  Babylon, NY

April 2024 - NYE 2025                 2024 RESIDENT ARTIST: Southold Social  |  Southold, NY

July 2018 - Current                        William Ris Gallery  |  Jamesport, NY   


Spring 2023                                      Chronicle Wines  |  Peconic, NYNov

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023                  PBV  |  Cutchogue, NY

March - May 2022                           a million little pieces  VSOP Projects  |  Greenport, NY

Nov 2021 - February 2022           20 x 20 = 400 Invitational to benefit CAST  |  VSOP Projects  |  Greenport, NY

Nov 2021 - February, 2022          Winter Salon  |  Fiedler Gallery  |  Greenport, NY

Aug 27th - Oct 30th, 2021          All Together Now  |  Floyd Memorial Library  |  Greenport, NY  | Curated by Sally Grant

2020                                                   All 2020 exhibitions were cancelled                          

Nov 2018 - Dec 2019                 Roman Fine Art Gallery  |  East Hampton, NY 

December 2019                               2019 Winter Salon  |  VSOP Projects  |  Greenport, NY  

Aug 2019                                          SOLO Show  |  Clovis Point Vineyard  |  Laurel, NY

June - July 2019                               Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society 18th Annual Art Show  |  Fire Island Lighthouse,  NY
June 15th, 2019                               Swing Into Summer Auction to benefit Group for the East End  |  The Bridge  |  Sag Harbor, NY

April 4th - 7th, 2019                      Philadelphia Fine Art Fair, Represented by Roman Fine Art Gallery  |  Philadelphia, PA

April - June 2019                            SOLO Show  |  Lieb Cellars  |  Cutchogue, NY              

Feb - Mar  2019                               New Year, New Works  |  William Ris Gallery  |  Jamesport, NY 

Nov - Jan 2019                           Get with the Program  |  Roman Fine Art Gallery  |  East Hampton, NY
June - July 2018                          E S C A P E S   |  Group Landscape Exhibition  |  William Ris Gallery  |  Jamesport, NY 

May - July 2018                               SOLO Show  |  Rosalie Dimon Gallery - Presented by East End Arts  |  Jamesport, NY

Dec - June 2018                              Collective + Friends  |  Castello di Borghese Vineyard  |  Cutchogue, NY

Dec 2017                                           11th Annual  10 x 10 = 100 Art Show  |  The South Street Gallery  |  Greenport, NY

Aug 2017 - Aug 2019                    North Fork Art Collective  |  Greenport, NY

May 2017                                          Sea Something Save Something  |  Castello di Borghese Vineyard  |  Cutchogue, NY  

Dec 2016 - May 2017                    SOLO Show  |  6 - Month Resident Artist  |  QED  |  Astoria, NY

2016 - 2017                                      The South Street Gallery  |  Greenport, NY

Dec 2016                                           10th Annual  10 x 10 = 100 Art Show   |  The South Street Gallery  |  Greenport, NY

Sept 2016                                          TWO Person Show (w/ Sculptor Gary Quarty)  |  The South Street Gallery  |  Greenport, NY

Aug 2016                                          SOLO Show  |  First and South  |  Greenport, NY

Mar - Apr 2016                               SOLO Show  |   Presented by IDLE WILD Magazine  |  The LetLove Inn | Astoria, NY

Oct 2015                                           SOLO Show  |  Astoria Art Fest | Mar's | Astoria, NY

2014 - 2016                                       Fiedler Gallery  |  Greenport, NY

2014                                                    Astoria Art Fest  |  Sweet Afton  |  Astoria, NY

2013                                                    SOLO Show  |  Mary & Ellen  |  John Waldron Arts Center  |  Bloomington, IN

2013                                                    Drawing in the Now  |  Poorwill Gallery  |  Lubbock, TX

2012                                                    Reflection & Projection  |  PUSH pin-up PRODUCTIONS  |  New Orleans, LA

2012                                                    6 Obstructions 6 Artists  |  The Paper Room  |  Bloomington, IN

2012                                                    Mary Ellen  |  MFA Thesis Exhibition  |  Grunwald Gallery at IU  |  Bloomington, IN

2012                                                    Landscape, Space & Place Conference  |  Bloomington, IN

2011                                                    MFA Group Show  |  SoFa Gallery at Indiana University  |  Bloomington, IN

2011                                                    Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society Annual Art Show  |  Captree Island, NY

2010                                                    Off The Wall  |  McCalla Gallery  |  Bloomington, IN

2010                                                    The Matrix & The Print  |  SoFa Gallery  |  Bloomington, IN

2009                                                    Arts Fest 2009  |  Art & Power: Inertia  |  Low Road Gallery  |  Greencastle, IN

2009                                                    Fire Island Lighthouse Preservation Society Annual Art Show  |  Fire Island Lighthouse, NY

2009                                                    Babylon Village Art Council Presents: Art in the Park  |  Babylon, NY

2008                                                    Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition  |  Alfred University  |  Alfred, NY 


CanvasRebel Magazine Interview - April 29, 2025

News 12 Long Island TV Segment - "East End: Kelly Franké's Linear Landscapes", April 2024

“Master Craftsman: Kelly Franké Offers a Different Kind of Portrait", Behind the Hedges, June 2022

“Kelly Franké”, UNDERGROUND Magazine, November 2021

"Inside the Artists' Studio: Kelly Franké", Northforker Magazine, August 2021

"The Art of Kelly Franké Goes with The Grain," North Fork Real Estate Showcase Magazine, August 2020

 News 12 Long Island TV Segment - "East End: Kelly Franké", March 2020

"The Art of Kelly Franké Goes with The Grain," Hamptons Real Estate Showcase Magazine, Feb 2020

"2 Exhibitions Showcase Art from The Hamptons & North Fork at William Ris Gallery," Hamptons Art Hub,  July 2018

"Kelly Franké Brings Art to the Big Screen," Long Island Pulse, May 2017

"Kelly Franké of Greenport Transforms her Passion for Art into a Business," Northforker, April 2017 

"7 Artists of the North Fork Art Collective," North Fork Real Estate Showcase, Oct 2017

"Kelly Franké: House Call," Idle Wild, 2016


CLIENT LIST:   Sage & Madison, Sag Harbor  |  Arnie Paperie, Southold  |  CAST  |  Sparkling Pointe Vineyard  |  Strong's Marine    

The Chequit Hotel, Shelter Island  |  Pasta Pasta, Port Jefferson  |  The Village Cheese Shop, Mattituck  |  Duryea's, Montauk

Menhaden, Greenport  |  North Fork Table Inn  |  Layla Sailing, Greenport  |  North Fork Promise Land Apiaries  |  & many more!


2021 - 2023                                        Monthly Contributing ILLUSTRATOR  Northforker Magazine

                                                               2021 + 2022: Designed a 2-page North Fork map, and illustrated rotating featured locations 

                                                               2023: Illustrated two monthly features - "This Old Place" and "The Where to Guide"

2022                                                     ILLUSTRATOR  |  Strong's Marine 

                                                               Illustrated a campus map for their Mattituck Water Club, and drawings for their site re-launch

2022                                                     ARTIST  The Chequit Hotel's 2022 Sparking WineProduced by Peconic Bay Vineyards 

                                                               Designed a wine label for a sparking wine commemorating The Chequit's 150th Anniversary 

2021                                                     FEATURED ARTIST  LocaLI Bred Subscription Box

                                                               Teamed up with LocaLI Bred to include Kelly Franké Gicleé Prints within their subscription box

2021                                                     ARTIST  |  Legal Seafoods Restaurant at the Short Hills Mall, NJ

                                                               Newly renovated, Legal Seafoods features large-scale installations of Kelly’s artwork

2020                                                     ARTIST  | Portobello Restaurant, Greenport, NY

                                                               Commissioned to create 22 custom drawings for the restaurant's interior 

2020                                                     ARTIST  The Scout Guide  |  Hamptons Volume 2

                                                               Designed + illustrated a 2-page map of the North Fork, Long Island

2016                                                     ARTIST  |  The Affair  by SHOWTIME

                                                               Sold 4 drawings to The Affair  for set decor  

2015                                                     ARTIST  |  Scream Queens  by FOX

                                                               Sold 5 drawings to Scream Queens for a permanent set; the Campus Coffee Shop 

2010                                                     MURALIST  |  Mathers Museum of World Cultures  |  Indiana University 

                                                               Designed & painted 6 original murals for the Semi-Permanent Exhibition:

                                                               The Big Bang to the World Wide Web: The Origins of Everything

2006 - 2008                                        MURALIST  |  Babylon Village Pool  |  Babylon, NY

                                                               Designed & painted 8 large (40’ x 12’) original outdoor murals


2012 - 2015                                        Adjunct Instructor of Fine Art  |  Drawing 1 & Relief Printmaking 

                                                               Caldwell University  |  Caldwell, NJ

2010 - 2012                                        Associate Instructor of Fundamental Studio - Drawing 

                                                               Indiana University  |  Bloomington, IN

2013                                                     Art Instructor

                                                               Tiny Greenhouse  |  Ages 18 months - 5 years  |  Jersey City, NJ

2012                                                     Art Instructor

                                                               Ivy Arts for Kids at Ivy Tech Community College  |  Ages 3-10  |  Bloomington, IN

2008                                                     Student Teacher in Art

                                                               Babylon Elementary School   &  Babylon Junior-Senior High School   |  Babylon, NY

2007                                                     Teaching Assistant

                                                               Alfred University  |  Alfred, NY

2005 - 2008                                        Teacher of Private Art Lessons 

                                                               Self Employed  |  Ages 5+   

Bio + Contact Portraits by Madison Fender

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