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Illustrated maps have many potential uses:

Tourism Guides for publications & magazines

Business Marketing - postcards & websites
Commercial Use - Property Map

Weddings - invitations, itineraries, ect.

Art - Home Decor

Kelly offers both hand-drawn maps, and digitally rendered maps.

Hand-drawn maps are best for the art lover.

You'll have an original piece of artwork to keep & display forever.

When ordering a hand-drawn map, you'll also get a digital scan.

This is especially great for weddings. So it's the best of both worlds.

Digitally drawn maps are a great way to save money.

They also offer benefits for business and commercial usage:

making adjustments, future changes, specific font selection, and ability to include graphics & logos.




To inquire about a commission, email Kelly at

Please detail your vision and the map's purpose.
Map projects tend to be a little more intricate planning wise,
so I'll mostly have follow up questions initially.
Kelly will follow up with a price list with options to choose from.
- Here are some Client FAQ -
Thank you for your interest!
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