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featuring delicate veneer woods

The Veneer Series  features original drawings on figured wood veneers.
Veneers come from tree trunks that are sliced into delicate, paper-thin sheets of wood.
Traditionally veneers are used in carpentry & furniture making.
Veneers are highly figured; meaning they have exceptional character, such as ribbons, swirls, flames, & marbling.
The figure of each veneer is defined in part to its species, wood grain, and its cut.
Ultimately veneers have exceptional color, shine, and stunningly unique grains.​
To further highlight the natural figuring of each veneer,​ The Veneer Series  are framed in shadow boxes.
Due to their figuring, veneers are not quite flat; each one has a subtle wave that flows with their unique wood grain.
Shadow box frames are 1 - 2 inches deep, so they enhance the structural qualities of the veneers, allowing them to float.
Depending on it's coloring, drawings are either in black framed shadow boxes with black mattes,
or gold with white mattes.
Horton Point Lighthouse.JPG

Horton Point Lighthouse 

charcoal on quilted maple veneer

13" x 19"  |  gold shadow box:  18" x 24" 

For SALE via Kelly Franké 

631 . 338 . 0239  |

Orient Shack.jpg

Orient Crab Shack

charcoal on curly maple veneer

10" x 28"  |  black shadow box:  14" x 32 . 5"



Massachusetts #1

charcoal + white conté on french walnut

12" x 18"  |  black shadow box



Mattituck #1

charcoal on french walnut veneer

7" x 24"  |  black shadow box:  10" x 27"

For SALE via Kelly Franké 

631 . 338 . 0239  |

Barn in Cutchogue.jpg

Barn in Cutchogue 

charcoal on curly maple veneer

13" x 17"  |  gold shadow box:  18" x 24"



The pieces listed above are available for sale directly through Kelly's Studio.
To inquire about pricing, please contact Kelly directly
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